Sunday, November 28, 2004

I haven't updated in awhile, so here are a few things that have happened lately:

Oh boy! My buddy Cheryl came over a few minutes ago. Her mom who's visiting from out of town came with her! I got to sit on her mom's lap & get a nice massage!

Nothing to really report from Thanksgiving. My mom and dad go to Disneyland every year, so I stay home alone with Cosette and Little Guy all day and evening. We had a boring day, but mom and day had fun. My mom had been pretty sick for the past two weeks, but was doing much better by last Thursday.

Little Guy got sick Thanksgiving night. He started coughing and did so most of the night. He went to the vet on Friday and got some medicine. She said he has an upper respiratory infection. He tends to get this once a year or so.

It's pretty cold for Southern California right now. My dad has been putting fires in the fireplace to keep us warm. It's nice and cozy! 

I'm off to find a warm person to snuggle up to!

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