Monday, March 7, 2005

My mom was home sick today. She's feeling a little better. I think it's because I snuggled with her!

I replaced my photo in the post below of a better one of me with my new scarf. Here's Little Guy with his:
He won't "sit" with it on. He lies down and tries to sniff and chew on it! Cosette got one too, but my mom had a hard time getting a good photo. She has so much fur, it just gets buried!

My friend Kelly made the scarves and gave them to my mom and dad last weekend. They had a big party to celebrate their 10th anniversary and got some nice presents. The party wasn't at our house, but some relatives from my dad's side did come over to visit us and that was fun!

Lucky for me, it is now getting a bit too warm to wear my scarf a lot. I'm not complaining because I've been waiting for the sun to come out for a long time now!

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