Sunday, February 20, 2005

Welcome Back!

As of Friday, Cosette has been back in the house with us! She had all of her stitches removed and is healing well from her surgery.

See how happy she looks to be back in one of her favorite spots by the couch! And no more weird plastic thing around her head!

Cosette and I having a little reunion!

It's raining really, really hard here. We've even had lots of thunder and lightning too, which is kind of scary! Yikes!

Monday, February 14, 2005

Friday, February 11, 2005

I got to visit Cosette again today. I don't like the big plastic white thing she's wearing around her neck. I was kind of scared of it even. I got a little bit used to it and then kissed her a lot.

2 1/2 more days until she can come back into the main part of the house with us!

Friday, February 4, 2005

I got to visit Cosette last night. My dad thought it would be therapeutic for her. She was really happy to see me and we kissed a lot! We have a special bond and I love her a lot. Cosette treats me like the puppy she never had. Whenever I misbehave and get scolded, she runs to my side and kisses me.

A couple of photos from our visit:

Cosette went to the vet today and got her bandages and drain removed. She still has stitches until Valentine's Day, so we still can't play. She also has to wear one of those silly cone hat things if she's not being strictly supervised!

Little Guy and I have been pretty jealous of how much attention Cosette has been getting, so we've been acting out and being pretty wild. "Nutters" is the word mom kept calling us today. We're tired of getting locked in our crates or the back yard every time Cosette has to come out to go potty.

Acting crazy paid off and mom took us for a really long walk today to try to burn up some of the energy we had. I think it worked. I'm pretty tired now!

Wednesday, February 2, 2005



Cosette had major surgery this morning. She is awake from it, but needs to be watched very closely the next few days. We are all worried, but anxious to have her home with us soon.

***Update 2/3/05 @ 12:24am: My mom brought Cosette home early on Wednesday evening. Little Guy and I had to wait in our crates while she brought her in. We can not play with her right now as she has to be quiet and heal. She is staying in part of the hallway/bathroom that can be blocked off with doors and a gate so we don't bother her. I miss her and hope she feels better soon so we can play.