Saturday, May 21, 2005

Here's a photo of me in the car after my outing last weekend. I was pretty beat! I could barely hold my eyes open! I was very happy though.

Rusty's Ride Home

Monday, May 16, 2005

Where's Rusty?

I've really been slacking on updating this page. (I blame my mom!) I've been having some good times too. Last weekend my mom took me to a barbecue. I met some of her friends from work and saw some old friends too. The coolest thing about the event was that besides all of the cool people, there were 8 or 9 dogs there too! We were all pretty small and could run really fast. There was a lot of chasing going on! I won't mention some of the other dog-specific behaviors that were occuring.

I'd met one of the dogs, Annie, before. She is really cute and sweet! Below is an old photo of us playing at her house.

Besides running around and making friends, I hung out by the grill hoping they'd drop a hamburger or something! It smelled so good, but I ended up not getting anything good to eat. It was still a blast.

Annie chasing Rusty

Yesterday was loads of fun too! I went on quite an outing with my mom, dad, and good buddy/sometimes dogsitter Karen. We went for a long ride in the car...with the windows down (!) It was a very warm and sunny day...just perfect!

We ended up at this place where all of these cool artists live and make art. They had opened up their spaces for people (and their dogs) to visit, look at their art, and maybe even purchase something. Everything I liked was too expensive!

We walked and walked. I got carried a lot too, especially when we went into spaces with lots of people. I made tons of new friends and even met a few fellow canines.

When we got home I took a long nap under the dining room table and then on the couch.

My mom actually didn't get any photos of me on the outing, so here's an older one.

Thursday, May 5, 2005

My buddy Cheryl's "nephew" Linus. I hope to meet him someday!

Linus is sporting the DogFather shirt Cheryl got for him when she came to cheer me on in my dog show!