Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Where Are My Whiskers?

Well, the good news is my mom is home! She got home yesterday. We won't discuss how she came home, hugged and petted us, and went right back out again for a long time. But, she is home today, emptying the bags she brought back.

My mom and dad noticed that my longest whiskers from the left side of my face are suddenly missing! I don't even know what happened. My mom thinks a bird or something go to me, but no, I don't think so! I'm quicker than that! So, just waiting to see if they grow back. Very strange!

I'm heading back to the fan. It is so hot here...still!

P.S. My mom wasn't able to get us souvenirs, so she bought some special beef dinner for us last night!

***I didn't lose my whiskers in the fan. It's up on a table. I lie on my mom's bed and catch the breeze, but I can't get anywhere near it!***

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