Monday, May 8, 2006

Not An Acceptable Plaything

I found a dead baby possum in the back yard the other night. Mom and Dad were out, Cosette and Little Guy were in their crates, and I was bored. So, I brought it in. Once I had it in the house though, I didn't really want to play with it anymore.

My Mom was kind of freaked out when she got home and saw the thing on the floor. I was acting weird too, not sure what to do. Dad brought in a shovel and it got put into a garbage bag and taken who knows where. Then my Mom was scrubbing and spraying the carpet like crazy!

Whenever my parents go out, they used to say "Rusty, guard the mansion," (not that we have a mansion...), but now it's more like: "Rusty, NO DEAD BABY POSSUMS!"

I guess I know what NOT to get my Mom for Mother's Day!

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